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Beatyful Main page.[sunting sumber]

Hi! I'm nickispeaki from Ukraine. I like your Main page. It's really beautiful. Simple and nice. But I want to ask you make it even better! Delete Basa-basanna Wikipedia in lower conner and bigger part of languages - Türkçe, Русский (twice! ;-0 ), ... Nice if you can store only 8 - 10 languages. Not more! It will became you Main page more easily to understand. So. Good-luck! ;-)

Yours, --Nickispeaki 11:37, 30 Juli 2011 (UTC)

PS. And Lao+Sappa is must to go away too. Picture (Burj Khalifa), please make smaller. I know. You can. Yours wiki will be first, which have ONLY ONE screen! ;-) --Nickispeaki 11:40, 30 Juli 2011 (UTC)