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Lontara or Roman?

[sunting sumber]

I know that it's best to use lontara because it's part of bugis identity, but bear with me, it's not productive. Here're the reasons:

  • First of all,most users will be using Internet Explorer, thus they have to download firefox to display this page properly.
    • Firefox is not required. There are other technical solutions available.
  • Secondly, most users are using public PCs. Usually public PC (in Indonesia) didn't have firefox and users aren't allowed to download any software. Therefore, it'll be a waste to have buginese but only a small fraction of bugis people can optimized the used of this wikipedia.
    • There are other options that don't require the download. Also, usually you can request manager of public PC to install a fonts.
  • Likewise, during the proposal discussion, all agreed that lontara will be used as long as the readers/users didn't have technical problem (which includes the case where they cannot the see the font, like the second reason.)
    • I am not involved in proposal discussion. But I know that, when we forfeit part of our language, we are going to forfeit the rest. I do not think we should give in to external pressures. We should try everything human possible to use our own alfabet.

Zaid 8.37 25 Oktober 2005 (UTC)

I'd agree to use lontara in article ONLY if the writer of that article wants it to be in lontara. But for general page like main page and special special page, it should be in roman.

Okay, this one just came across my mind, since lontara is part of buginese, we will use it in the main page ONLY for the less important components like greeting phrases (welcome to buginese wikipedia.......... and so on.) And for the most important components, like the categories, sand box and page tab (edit, disscuss, article etc) will be in roman. Let me remind you guys, the main purpose of wikipedia is for the knowledges, and ethnic identities is for minor purpose only. btw, buginese spell of melayu/malay is malaju and english is inggeris, like malaysian spelling of english. Therefore, please do not change the interwiki box. Zaid, 8.59 25 Oktober 2005 (UTC)

Hi, I cannot speak Buginese but I am using Firefox. And I got a list of ᨔᨛᨒᨆᨈ so it is not the ultimate solution. By the way, to anonymous editor, for avoiding confusion and dating the time, on Wikipedia it is recommeded to conclude your word with your signature, which you can put with four tildas (~~~~) - it will turn into your signature after you save your edits. --Aphaia 09:04, 26 October 2005 (UTC)

I am using Firefox 1.5b2 under Suse 9.1, and I couldn't see the Lontara characters at first. But after installing the CODE 2000 font, I can see them, copy & paste them, and even edit them in the edit box (via copy & paste). I do not speak buginese, so I do not understand the letters/texts, and I have no idea how to enter them via the keyboard. But in principle, it works: ᨕᨛᨊᨔᨗᨀᨒᨚᨄᨛᨉᨗᨕ :-) 16:12, 26 October 2005 (UTC)
It's work in principle, but the problem is right now, this character cannot be typed via keyboard, and that's been haunting me. To get a better view, you must use mozilla instead of IE. I'm not sure when you say you cannot see the characters and had to download code 2000. Did you download the character first before download the code 2000? Zaidpjd 21:57, 26 October 2005 (UTC)

Well, there are a lot of languages that use the Roman alphabet but can't always be typed using a normal keyboard. I contribute to the Vietnamese Wikipedia, and although Vietnamese uses the Roman alphabet, it also has many diacritic (accent and tone) marks. We ended up writing some JavaScript that enables the user's browser to convert certain keystrokes into the correct characters.

Also, you don't download the characters: what you download is a font that supports Lontara [1], such as Code2000. You may need to restart your computer, but after that, the characters should show up correctly.

I don't know why everyone keeps saying that you need Firefox: I tried it in Internet Explorer 6.0, and the characters show up correctly, as long as you have an appropriate font installed, and the page includes the CSS code that selects the correct font:

font-family: Code2000, MPH Lontara Curve, MPH Lontara Angle, MPH 2B Damase, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif

The Main Page currently has this code in some places, so IE shows those parts of the page correctly; in other places, where the code hasn't been applied, all I get are boxes. But you only need to add a few lines of code to the Main Page in order to get everything working just fine. Also, for IE users, you can embed an appropriate font into the website, so that the user doesn't have to download anything at all. Just make font author allows this; some font files, like Code2000, include information saying that embedding is allowed.

Here's what you need to do in order to embed the font into your site. (Visitors won't have to do this, and you can embed a smaller font instead of Code2000, which is a rather slow font, because it includes so many characters.)

  1. Download Microsoft's WEFT tool. [2]
  2. Create an EOT file. [3][4] This is probably the most complicated step, so if you have any questions, I can try to help you out.
  3. Place the following code in MediaWiki:Font.css:

    @font-face {
       font-family: "Code2000";
       src: url(CODE2000.eot);
    body {
       font-family: "Code2000", "MPH Lontara Curve", "MPH Lontara Angle", "MPH 2B Damase", "Verdana", "Arial", "Helvetica", sans-serif;
  4. Add the following code to MediaWiki:Monobook.js:

    function addLoadEvent(func) {
       if (window.addEventListener) 
          window.addEventListener("load", func, false);
       else if (window.attachEvent) 
          window.attachEvent("onload", func);
    function embedFont() {
    // Make the browser run the "embedFont" function upon loading the page.

Hopefully I haven't made any mistakes in the code here. If you have any questions, or if my instructions don't work, then please let me know. I'm also going to test this code on the Vietnamese Wikipedia soon.

 – Minh Nguyễn 22:10, 30 October 2005 (UTC)

(Oups, I erased by error the following message from an IP:)

By the way, the line src: url(CODE2000.eot); should contain the path to the EOT file; you could upload the file and use its URL here, or you could host the file on a personal website. – Minh Nguyễn 03:13, 10 January 2006 (UTC)


[sunting sumber]

I downloaded the Code 2000 font for Buginese but for some reason it made some fonts in other languages blurry (for example, Thai, Tamil, ect). Does anyone know why this is? Any solutions? Thanks.

Unfortunately, your browser might now prefer Code2000 for nearly all the scripts it covers, even if you have a better font for it. The best solution for you might be to uninstall Code2000 and install a font that specializes in Lontara. I'm not sure how good this one is. – Minh Nguyễn / Nguyễn Xuân Minh 07:17, 5 June 2006 (UTC)

Halamang Utama

[sunting sumber]

Mengapa tidak gunakan "Halamang Indo-e"? User:Kurniasan 08:40, 15 April 2007 (UTC)

Lebih baik buat Halamang Utama ditulis dengan Rumi. Agak susah membaca Lontara.

Lontara and Opera

[sunting sumber]

Currently, Opera does not seem to want to display any Lontara characters (it works in Firefox). Is there something I can do or is this bug unfixable? -- Prince Kassad 19:16, 10 May 2007 (UTC)

Change Lontara to Roman

[sunting sumber]

I think we should change the lontaras to roman until we have a better support on lontara. If there's any objection, please state under this post. Kurniasan 10:02, 27 September 2007 (UTC)

Greetings. As a complete outsider (interested in world scripts and having just learned of the existence of Basa Ugi and lontara half an hour ago), I'd like to suggest that what's been created here so far should not be undone. If many people cannot (yet) display lontara, then maybe the content could be available in both scripts? Perhaps an adept prorammer could even find a way to automate transliteration, so that changes to pages in one script are reflected in the other script. Or maybe both could be presented side by side? For example, the top of the front page at Serbian Wikipedia does this with Latin and Cyrillic. Best wishes. --Mark R Johnson 23:20, 25 October 2007 (UTC)

Lontara script input

[sunting sumber]

Use this html for lontara input:-

<title>Lontara input</title>
<style type="text/css">
textarea { font-family: Saweri, Code2000, Arial; }
<script language="JavaScript">
function convToLont() {
 var result = convString(document.frm.editbox.value);
 document.frm.editbox.value = result;

function convString(aString) {
 var last = aString.length - 1;
 var result = new Array(aString.length)
 for (var i = 0; i <= last; ++i) {
  var c = aString.charAt(i)
  var r = LtrTable[c]
  result[i] = r != undefined ? r : c
 return result.join('')

var LtrTable = {
a : '\u1A15',
b : '\u1A05',
c : '\u1A0C',
C : '\u1A0F',
d : '\u1A09',
e : '\u1A19', //E as in "pen"
E : '\u1A1B', //E as in "women"
f : '\u1A07', //Mpa
g : '\u1A01',
G : '\u1A02', //Nga
h : '\u1A16',
i : '\u1A17',
I : '\u1A15\u1A17', //I
j : '\u1A0D',
k : '\u1A00',
K : '\u1A03', //Ngka
l : '\u1A12',
m : '\u1A06',
n : '\u1A0A',
o : '\u1A1A',
O : '\u1A15\u1A1A', //O
p : '\u1A04',
r : '\u1A11',
R : '\u1A0B', //Nra
s : '\u1A14',
t : '\u1A08',
u : '\u1A18',
U : '\u1A15\u1A18', //U
w : '\u1A13',
y : '\u1A10',
Y : '\u1A0E', //Nya
'.' : '\u1A1E',
x : '\u1A1F'  //End of section

<form name="frm">
<textarea rows="10" cols="50" name="editbox" onkeyup="convToLont()"></textarea>

p/s: I got the html from a webpage that manipulates unicodes, I just edit it a little bit so that it can output lontara script. — Kurnia 19:36, 2 Maret 2008 (UTC)

Small request

[sunting sumber]

Hello! I am a Polish wikipedian and I would like to ask you for your help - writing a new article about former Polish President who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983 – Lech Wałęsa. I have looked for his biography in your Wikipedia but without success. Polish Wikipedians will be grateful for your help. Thank you so much in advance! PS you can find the English version of the article here. Best wishes from Poland, Patrol110 16:52, 26 Desember 2009 (UTC)

Halaman Utama

[sunting sumber]

Saya mencoba masuk ke Wikipedia bahasa Bugis ini melalui pranala bug.wikipedia.org, namun kok tidak beralih ke halaman ini. Terima kasih. Anashir 4 Januari 2012 03.49 (UTC)[balas]

Sekarang sudah diperbaiki. Anashir 5 Januari 2012 10.00 (UTC)[balas]


[sunting sumber]

I added the Saweri font (linked in the sitenotice) to WebFonts. This solves the problem that you cannot see Lontara characters. As far as I tested only Google Chrome has an issue, where it only partially works, but I think it's a big improvement compared to seeing nothing :) I submitted bug 34550 to enable WebFonts here. Regards, SPQRobin 20 Februari 2012 18.59 (UTC)[balas]

It's enabled here now. SPQRobin (talk) 7 Maré' 2012 23.56 (UTC)[balas]

Switch back to Latin

[sunting sumber]

[5] Am I correct to say that this wiki has decided to switch back to Latin? Bennylin (bicara) 13 Februari 2013 13.05 (UTC)[balas]

Yes. I think it's better to switch back to Latin because not many people understanding Lontara.--Aplikasi (bicara) 13 Februari 2013 15.13 (UTC)[balas]

I think lontara usage is better than using Latin script. It is for this script's preservation. Salam. Arif_Doudo (bicara) 11 Maret 2013 22.17 (UTC)

But, not many people knows lontara. Many people knows Latin.--Aplikasi (bicara) 12 Maré' 2013 02.23 (UTC)[balas]
Lontara could be used in Bugis Wikisource, maybe. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not for preserving an old script. Wikisource would be a nice choice if you want to preserve Lontara. SpartacksCompatriot (bicara) 12 Maré' 2013 06.03 (UTC)[balas]

Mohon kontak pengurus

[sunting sumber]

Halo sukarelawan Wikipedia Bugis, Saya hendak meminta kontak pengurus untuk keperluan jejaring Wikipedia di seluruh Indonesia agar dapat saling berkoordinasi. Salam hangat.Gunarta (bicara) 14 Agustus 2019 16.28 (UTC)[balas]

Salam, Saya baru bergabung untuk menjadi sukarelawan 'bug.wikipedia.org', sebenarnya saya sudah tertarik dr tahun 2013. Tapi sepertinya komunitas tidak terurus dgn baik, dan menyisakan perdebatan tentang penggunaan lontara dan latin.

Komunitas awal diisi oleh sukarelawan Internasional. Apakah lebih baik menggunakan bahasa Inggris? atau membangun komunitas bahasa? Rdwnnr (bicara) 4 Juli 2020 03.10 (UTC)[balas]

Standard Lontara / Buginese Font

[sunting sumber]

Can we use Noto Sans Buginese as the default font? This is the standard Bugis font used on Android. Rdwnnr (bicara) 4 Juli 2020 03.50 (UTC)[balas]

Berbagai nama Halaman Utama

[sunting sumber]

Semua, kecuali kedua pertama dan tiga terakhir, sudah dialihkan ke halaman utama saat ini, Watangpola. Silakan kunjungi masing-masing halaman tersebut untuk melihat riwayat halaman masing-masing. Bennylin (bicara) 29 Agustus 2022 14.17 (UTC)[balas]

Tiket dan diskusi terkait:
Bennylin (bicara) 17 Juli 2023 09.53 (UTC)[balas]