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    I still can't see the font despite installing Code2000

    You're not the only one, I also can't see any change...

    Hi, The font Code2000 isn't no more available... download link point to an AT's&T page that says the page is not there.

    Also, after installing fonts, how do you tell to the browser to recognize and use it? must restart browser or windows itself? Must change settings somewhere? I use mainly firefox. Thx ... Hem, ook, i've downloaded Damase font and it has go well by itself. The browser displays your nice symbols instead of question marks..... Now that i've got the font, where i go to from there to learn the alphabet ?? :-))) Thx P.s.; If this don't bother you, If I could ask, if I dare to... why do you don't put some (1 or 2) link to 'external' wiki english pages only to explain who you are and where you lives, just for strangers as I am? We don't have a clue here.... :-)) (Also a phonetic page to start learn the sounds or meaning of you alphabet symbols or language would be great... and some basic phrase traslation :-))) Hi!!

    I've added one more font option, saweri. But it does not support hinting, which means you can't see the perfect form of the font if the font's too small. After, installing the font, its better if you open the font file. There's not need to change any configuration of your browser, if the font does not show, just restart the browser. — Kurnia 14:26, 20 Agustus 2008 (UTC)

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