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Siska Doviana

Siska Doviana is Wikimedia Indonesia Chair elect (2010-2015). In the beginning of 2011, on behalf of Wikimedia Indonesia, Siska and three other organizations (The Ford Foundation, ICT Watch, and The Alliance of Independence Journalists (AJI) Indonesia) initiate Cipta Media Bersama, a one million dollar (US) grant open call initiative to improve Indonesian media.

Also in 2010 Siska design Wikimedia Cipta, a volunteer capacity building program to stimulate offline activities supporting Wikimedia projects online. Previously Siska also design and implement the first Indonesian language Wikipedia writing Competition Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2010 (April - June 2010).

As a professional Siska is a Communication Specialist in a USAID funded project Environment Services Program (ESP) in 2008-2010 operated by Development Alternative Inc (DAI) and previously worked for US Embassy Jakarta Public Affairs Section for five years.

Siska also a co-founder of Wikimedia Indonesia in 2008.