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Usage[sunting sumber]

This template is for giving examples of template parameter source code (useful in template documentation and talk page discussions of template code). It must have one or two parameters itself. The first is the name of the example parameter to display (this may be empty, but it must be present), and the second (optional) one is a value for the first example parameter, or (if the first {{para parameter is empty) an unnamed example parameter.

Examples[sunting sumber]

  1.   {{para|name
    renders as
  2.   {{para|title|<var>book title</var>
    renders as
    |title=book title
  3.   {{para| |section
    renders as
    (for unnamed parameters in the example code; note the empty first parameter in the {{para template)
  4.   {{para|<var>parameter</var>|<var>value</var>
    renders as

When using literal, pre-specified values, simply provide the value (appearance as in example 3). When illustrating hypothetical, variable or user-definable values, use <var>value</var> (appearance as in example 2), and the same should be done for non-literal, example parameters (as in example 4).

See also[sunting sumber]

  • Template:Tlx – for providing examples of entire-template code with included parameters


Link Style Linked Unlinked Linked with subst Linked including braces Linked with alternative text
Text Style {{tlg option -- nolink=yes subst=yes braceinside=yes alttext=FOO
Normal -- {{tl, {{tlp; {{tlg {{tlf {{tls, {{tlsp {{tn {{tla
Teletype tt=yes {{tlx {{tld, {{tnull {{tlxs
Bold bold=yes {{tlb
Bold Teletype bold=yes|tt=yes {{tlxb
Italic Teletype italic=yes|tt=yes {{tlxi
Code code=yes {{tlc
NOTE: {{tlg is the most general, allowing any combination of the above options.

Style comparison:

  • {{tlf|Milford Haven Line|弘安源氏論議}} produces: {{Milford Haven Line|弘安源氏論議}}
  • {{tld|Milford Haven Line|弘安源氏論議}} produces: Templat:Tld
  • {{tlc|Milford Haven Line|弘安源氏論議}} produces: {{Milford Haven Line|弘安源氏論議}}

For parameter description,